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Onsite Sewage Program

The mission of the Onsite Sewage Program is to minimize the threat of surface and ground water contamination from failing or improperly designed, installed or maintained onsite sewage systems.

View the Jefferson County Onsite Sewage Code 8.15 (revisions adopted 05/17/12)

View the Jefferson County Sewage Management Plan (adopted 8-16-07),

Our Services

Take a Free Septic System Class to learn about your septic system and be eligible for a REBATE for a septic system monitoring inspection or installation of tank access risers.

The Onsite Sewage Program provides educational, advisory and permitting services for owners of septic systems and certifications for septic system installers, operations and monitoring specialists and septic pumpers. A Sanitarian of the Day is available Monday through Thursday, 9:00 -10:00 a.m. on a first come, first served basis either by walk-in or phone to help answer technical and general questions. The phone number is 385-9444. 

Program activities include:

  • Review and issuance of installation and repair permits for septic systems
  • Inspection of septic system installations
  • Monitoring Inspection-Evaluation of existing septic systems
  • Education for homeowners and other professionals interested in septic systems
  • Referral for low-interest loan program to repair failing or substandard septic systems
  • Complaint investigation relating to septic systems
  • Review of: short and long subdivisions, boundary line adjustments, building permits, septic system monitoring reports
  • Certification program for all septic system Installers, Pumpers and Operations and Monitoring Specialists
  • Enforcement of State and Local Codes
  • Sanitarian of the Day

Program Performance Measures:

      2012 Year-end Performance Measures Report:
      On-Site Sewage (OSS) & Septic Operations & Monitoring (O&M) Programs

      2013 Planned Performance Measures:
      On-Site Sewage (OSS) & Septic Operations & Monitoring (O&M) Programs

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