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Environmental Health & Water Quality

Environmental Health is a Department of Jefferson County Public Health. Governed by a local Board of Health we provide a wide array of public health and human services. We strive to protect the health of all Jefferson County residents by promoting healthy communities and their environments.

What We Do:
The Environmental Health Section of Jefferson County Public Health manages a drinking water program to review water availability and quality; a solid waste program that permits and monitors the performance of  waste facilities, provides pollution prevention support, and supports waste reduction through recycling and composting; a liquid waste program that reviews, issues and monitors septic permits and systems; a food program that licenses and inspects food services; a living systems program that monitors shellfish quality and inspects and licenses public pools and spas; a water quality program that monitors the health of marine waters, rivers, streams and lakes; Water Resources planning activities; a Conservation Futures program that preserves open space, working farms and habitat.

Telephone inquiries:  

Office hours:  
Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM—4:30 PM

Sanitarian consult walk-in hours: 
Monday through Thursday, 9:00—10:00 AM

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